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  • A Lover Not A Fighter Knuckle Buckle Brass

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  • Green Skull Self Defense Stun Gun 850K Volt Rechargeable LED Flashlight

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  • Police Style Double Lock Silver Handcuffs

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  • Zombie Self Defense Stun Gun 850K Volt Rechargeable LED Flashlight Orange

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  • Pink Camo Monster 18 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun – LED Light

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  • Marines Airsoft ER02 Rifle

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    Product Description

    Crosman Marine ER02 Airsoft Gun has a convenient quad – rail system to add your laser, flashlight, or verical grip! Fires at up to 300 f. p. s.! You’ll lead the assault with confidence when you wield Crosman’s Marine ER02 Airsoft Gun… perfect for backyard skirmishes or large-scale battles! The electronic, semi or full-automatic operation makes it a wonderful option for close-quarter combat as well. Attach your scope, laser sight or even a flashlight to the quad-rail forend to enhance the shooting experience Comes with a souvenier dog tag with top-secret code for use at Electric or spring power (semi-auto); Adjustable hop-up ; Sturdy, reliable foregrip; Capacity: 500 rds. of 6 mm BBs; Fixed rear sight and post globe front sight; Lever-style safety keeps gun from firing; Made with a smooth-bore aluminum barrel and durable plastic for long-lasting, weather-resistant housing; Measures 21 1/4″ and weighs 3 lbs., 3 ozs.; Order yours today! WARNING: You must be 18 or older to purchase Soft Air Guns. Soft Air Guns cannot be shipped to D.C.; MA; Canada or Puerto Rico. Soft Air Guns cannot be shipped Parcel Post. Please check your State, County and City laws for restrictions before ordering Soft Air Guns. Crosman Marine ER02 Airsoft Gun

    Lead the assault with this dual-powered close-quarters rifle. Switch from semi or full-auto electric mode to single-shot spring and take down the enemy stronghold.
    The MCER02 can fire 600 rounds per minute at 275 fps. The four-sided picatinny rail system makes it easy to attach a laser, flashlight or vertical grip. Includes an adjustable hop-up and sights for accurate aiming.

    Product Specifications

    Model Number: MCER02
    Velocity: Up to 275 fps
    Weight: 3.20 lbs
    Mechanism: Full auto/Semi
    Power Source: Electric/Spring
    Caliber: 6mm Plastic BBs
    Capacity: 76
    Front Sight: Post
    Rear Sight: Peep
    Safety: Lever

    Rapid-Fire Battery

    Charge up and move out.

    The out-of-the-box rate-of-fire power of this rifle will move you up the ranks in a hurry. Spend less time worrying if your battery is going to hold up and more time planning your next move in the field of battle. Our batteries feature industry standard connections, are smart-charger compatible and deliver up to four straight hours of full-auto energy.

    Low Cap Magazine

    Realistic game play means having to reload.

    Standard firearm magazines are 30 rounds and this rifle lets you recreate the need to reload by limiting the number of rounds in the magazine. Be an effective player and get more out of the game with with this premium package.

    Adjustable Stock

    Fit your style.

    Shooters come in all shapes and sizes and an adjustable shoulder stock lets you customize this gun to your build. LE stocks represent those commonly found on law enforcement weapons and are multi-positionable to your prefered length of pull. Fitted to a sturdy stock tube that absorbs the abuse of high octane airsoft play.

    Quad Rail

    Maximize your options.

    Serious players are easy to spot. Their furniture may include reflex sights, lasers, vertical grips and action cameras. And their weapon has a solid mounting system with standardized picatinny rails. A quad rail package gives you all the space you need to deck out your rifle with what you need.

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